The York Bombers

They play hard...and love even harder.


Book #1: Playing The Game

Is it possible to look beyond what was and move forward to what could be? Or will the past be a permanent penalty for this down-and-out hockey player? Read more...






Book #2: Playing To Win

Sometimes getting what you want isn't what you need...especially when one sexy hockey player will stop at nothing when it comes to winning. Read more...







Book #3: Playing For Keeps

His best friend's sister. A hidden secret. Will the couple find the strength and courage needed to play for keeps? Read more...




Book #4: Playing It Up

There's a fine line between love and hate...but is passion enough to keep them together? Read more...


Book #5: Playing It Safe

They say that two is company and three is a crowd. Can these four come together to make a family and live happily-ever-after? Only if this single dad learns how to take a chance instead of playing it safe. Read more.


Book #6: Playing For Love

He has no problems changing the rules of the game when it comes to playing for love. Read more.


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