The Baltimore Banners

"Hard-hitting, heart-melting hockey players."


Book #1: Crossing the Line

A private goalie. A determined reporter. And a bet neither one could afford to lose. Read more.




Book #2: Game Over

A man with everything to lose, a woman with everything to gain…and too many secrets between them. Can they both come out winners when the game is over? Read more.






Book #3: Blue Ribbon Summer

A fun-loving hockey player suddenly charged with babysitting his twin nieces. A simple-living country girl. Will either of them survive the culture shock? Read more.






Book #4 Body Check

One hockey player desperate to turn his reputation around. One chef desperate to make her restaurant a success. Will the two opposites find common ground as things heat up? Read more.






Book #5 Break Away

Are second chances really possible? Can two lost souls finally find forgiveness and Break Away to the future? Or will the shared tragedy of their past tear them apart for good this time? Read more.






Playmaker: A Baltimore Banners Intermission Novella

When the tables are turned, can one stubborn woman teach the fun-loving hockey player that responsibility isn't a four-letter-word? Read more.






Book #6 Delay of Game

Will unexpected turn-of-events force a permanent Delay of Game for a troubled hockey player? Or can one strong woman make him see that life is all about the future, not the past? Read more.







The Baltimore Banners: First Period Trilogy

Boxed set of Books 1 through 3 of The Baltimore Banners series: Crossing The Line, Game Over, and Blue Ribbon Summer.  Read more.




Book #7 Shoot Out

Sometimes it takes a sinner to love a saint...and life to teach them what matters most. Read more.







Book #8 On Thin Ice

A determined defenseman who's sworn off distractions. A stubborn ref torn between doing what she knows is right and what is expected. Are they both just skating on thin ice? Read more.






Coach's Challenge: A Baltimore Banners Intermission Novella

Can this tough-as-nails hockey coach teach a cautious woman how to love again, or will he lose it all by calling the riskiest play of his career? Read more.






Book #9: One-Timer

A driven athlete and a feisty geek. Is the chemistry between the mismatched pair real—or nothing more than a one-timer for the sexy hockey player? Read more.


Book #10: Face Off

Will one night of passion tear their friendship apart...or bring them closer together? Read more.


First Shot At Love: A Baltimore Banners Warm-up Story

Sometimes opposites really do attract. But is it enough for these two to risk everything and try for a first shot at love? Read more.


Book #11: Game Misconduct

Can she convince the straight-laced goalie that some things are worth drawing a penalty for—even if it means risking a chance of getting ejected from the biggest game of all? Read more.


Christmas Interference: A Baltimore Banners Warm-up Story

He doesn't believe in second-chances or happy-ever-afters. Can the woman who knew him best thaw his heart before it's too late? Read more.


Book #12: Fighting To Score

Will they fight for a future together—or will the game end before they get the chance? Read more.


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