What readers are saying about the Baltimore Banners

Lisa B. Kamps debuts with Crossing the Line, the first in her professional hockey team — The Baltimore Banners — series. When there is nothing to lose and everything to win, the romantic game gets hot and heavy.

Move over, football and baseball heroes, and make room for these hard-hitting, heart-melting hockey players. Kamps does an effective job crafting these guys with tough, keen determination. As a result, the hero and his friends are realistic, sexy and desirable with hero material stamped all over them — a must for our sensibilities.

The heroine is no slouch either, as she finds her confidence to push for what she wants. That desire brings quite a few conflicts to the surface and a lot of sexual tension to the mix. With a little give and take, the internal and external battles solidify the story points. Good job all around and looking forward to the next in the series.
— USA Today
I stumbled across this new author’s work and I am very pleased I did. Absolutely loved, loved the stories...The covers to the books are rocking hot and very well done in my eyes. Great job Lisa and I look forward to reading more of your books :)”

”I love reading sports romance. This is an author I will look up. Being titled book one tells me over books are to follow. It’s a stand alone but I look forward to the next book. Definitely going to buy it.”

”Loved the story and the characters in in this book! I can not wait to read the next in this series!”

”Loved the suspense and the romance in this story . A great read and great characters! Loved this book a lot!”

”Love the style of the writing and was engrossed in each story. I actually read one right after the other. Hope there will be more books coming in this series; I am more than hooked!
— Reader Reviews

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